My name is Alexei Kositsin. I'm a mechanical engineer practicing in R&D and innovation, as a freelancer and inventor. For the past 15 years I worked in R&D at various fields, building systems of different complexity levels, and searching creative solutions for variety of problems in the medical, electrical, optical and nano-scale mechanical systems, civil and building industry, water treatment systems, industrial design, car industry, to name a few... I offer the following services:

  • Mechanical parts design using:
- Different manufacture technologies (CNC, casting, molding, welding, laser and water cutting…) - Different materials (metal, plastics, rubber, etc..)
  • Assembly design of different scales: prototyping to mass production.
  • Design of high-complexity, amorphous bodies
  • Sheet metal parts design
  • Wire and pipe drawings
  • Jigs development for different purposes (test, assembly, welding, adhesive, ect...)
  • Reverse engineering
  • Production, assembly, BOM, packing and maintenance drawings
  • PCB design (mechanical)
  • Design for heat spreading
  • Sealed assemblies design
  • 3D and 2D CAD files format conversion (parasolid, iges, step, dxf, dwg, etc…)
  • Manage non-standard data (CT scans), transferring into CAD systems
  • 3D scanning using various technologies (Zed Scanner, Photos, Laser Scanning)
  • Prototype design and assembly (using 3D printing, soft silicone molding)
  • Visualization and animation of mechanical processes (assembly steps, installation and manufacturing step process movies)
  • Photo-realistic rendering
  • Presentation design
  • Solid Works training
  I possess knowledge for the following CAD and imaging software: Solid works, Solid edge, 3DS MAX, Google sketch-up, Autocad, 3DVIA composer, KOMPAS-3D, Photoshop and many other tools. Among my clients are: Intel (networking RnD dept.), Edwards (medical, heart research), bTendo (nano-mechanics, optics), Tigo Energy (solar systems), Valtech Cardio (medical, heart research), Maxillent (medical, tooth implant research), Rafael (defense systems), Red-C (network equipment), Medingo-Roche (medical, drug delivery systems), Nuvo-Group (pregnancy, medical devices), Comodo (feet measurement),  Glusence (miniature glucose sensing),  Bluewind (wireless neurostimulator),  Primesence (entertainment systems), Siklu (radio transmitting equipment), P2W(water treatment systems), Modu (cellular development), Autotalks (car to car networking), Human-Extentions (laporoscopy medical startup),  laserlux (welding lab), Lumos (portable solar systems),  Rimon (water gas, energy solutions), Shmueli cables (cables and wires),  Vigdu (solar systems), White innovations (R&D studio) and additional R&D teams and companies. Project samples are provided in the gallery.   Founder at Kado thin technologies.   Best Regards.   Alexei  

Alexei Kositsin


Address: 13 Derech Jaffo


Tel Aviv,  Israel


Tel:  +972-544-298-658



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